Iranian (Pleske`s) ground Jay

Iranian ground jay is a species of a bird in the family ‘Corvidae’. It has a long beak that is curved down. Mainly walks on the ground and can run fast to hide. It lives in deserts, steppe regions and sand deserts with sporadic plants and plains covered with zygophyllum. Iranian ground jay makes its nest in the desert bushes and covers the floor with wool, plants, and flowers. It has its own territory and when a pair is seen in an area, surely no other ground jays can be seen in the limit of 500 meters. It has a beautiful musical voice. When you hear it singing constantly in low sound, be sure that it is driving you away from its nest; it also opens its head feathers like a crown and also opens its tail and attracts attentions till the danger goes away. It collects seeds like other corvidaes to use in the winter. But like other birds in its species, forgets some of them and causes growing new plants.