Hunting report 2017-2018

The census data for the September of 2017 showed that the total number of ibex in the region were 1,400. This census was conducted in coordination with the Environment Organization, the provincial administration and the cooperation of the interested people and reserve rangers. According to the results of the census, 35 permit for hunting were allocated to the Aliabad private reserve and the hunting season started with the permit of the Environmental Organization from November 11th 2017. Following up on the interest of hunters, 12 ibex and 2 sheep hunt permit were also allocated to this area.

With special attention to the management of the Aliabad private reserve in local and indigenous communities, in addition to allocating 30% of the number of hunt permit, a number of free permits were also allocated to these loved ones according to the demand of native hunters.

Of the total number of permit issued, 11 were assigned to foreign hunters, which this year included hunters from the United States, Russia and Denmark.
Of the 42 hunt permit of the year 2017, with the collaboration of the reserve rangers and the captive management, 40 successors successfully completed their hunting, and the results show that more than 50 percent of hunters recorded length of the horn above 95 cm, but the record for this year’s hunting season at Aliabad private reserve was assigned to the length of the horn 113 cm.
By looking at the link below, you can see the hunt taken since 2016.