Hunting Informations


The hunting equipment should be related to the type of season (autumn, winter), as well as the type of area (cold, hot). Of course, equipment should also be related to the type of the land surface (lush, earthy, snowy). The equipment most hunters use are:

1. Suitable clothing: The hunter’s clothes should be such to keep him warm in the cold and cold in the warm, being relevant to the land so that it can be camouflaged and obscured by the hunt. It goes without saying that the clothes should be comfortable and would not tired the hunter in the hunt area.
2. Shoes: The hunter should use shoes that are waterproof and not heavy.
3. Backpack: It should be in such a way that it accommodates the necessary equipment and is of a variety of comfortable bags that do not make the hunter fatigue.
4. Weapons: The hunter must either have a firearm (shotgun or rifle) or a cool weapon like a bow. And they must have at least 50 bullet.
5. Knife: When the hunter goes to the hunt area, he must know that there are dangers such as wild animals, or other dangers that will jeopardize him. To defend himself, he must carry a knife such as a folding knife (pocket) along with a hunting knife.
6. Binoculars: With a binoculars, you can identify the distance from the area as well as also to see the hunt that is in the distance. Seeing the hunt can help you make a good plan for your bucklers or by rushing into it approaching them with random movements.
7. Compass or GPS: One of the most important tools to hunt is a GPS or a compass or map, to help you find the way back, find predetermined hunts.
8. Thermos: To quench thirst and also renew energy.
9. Permanent match sticks: Permanent match sticks are one of the most widely used equipment in the wind, rain and even the most difficult conditions where the fire cannot be not turned on.
Other important appliances would be sleeping bags, gloves, and complete gun equipment, so that if the weather conditions worsen or other problems show up malfunctioning the gun, one could overcome them.