Services in hunt Aliabad

Hunting services at Aliabad

Hunting services at Aliabad Chehelgazi/ Tangechenar, Mehriz – Iran


Upon your arrival, you will be met by a member of our Staff and according to your program you will be driven to hotel or the game reserve where your hunt will commence.

We will arrange for you to obtain your visa, before departing for Iran. We could also obtain a temporary fire arm permit for your guns and ammo, prior to your arrival.

Some of the other services include:

1- Using VIP and CIP services at the Imam Khomeini International Airport

2- Providing transportation services including VIP buses, mid-buses, van and passenger cars

3- Delivery of all your documents at the location

4- Accept responsibility for all visa and hotel processes and purchase airline tickets

5- Carry out all necessary measures to permit the entry and transfer of weapons in Iran

6- Design the best and most suitable program for your trip

7- Making the best travel packages according to your taste with the highest quality

8- Use of convenient transportation services in the area

9- Use of experienced guides to the area to gain access to the hunt as quickly as possible

10- Accommodation with excellent quality and highly desirable in the area

11- Proper facilities for post-hunting operations

12- Preparing and sending the trophy to your desired address

13- You can send all your hunting queries to

14- You can send us your request for hunting in Aliabad area, along with your contact information, so that we can prepare and plan for you during the hunting season. E-mail address for sending a request: